RAIL SERVICES TO LONDON via Stockport to be retained – MP

Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne is relieved today to have received confirmation from FirstGroup plc that rail services between Manchester and London will continue to stop at Stockport station under the new rail franchise agreement.

Andrew urgently contacted FirstGroup plc – who have controversially been awarded the rail franchise to run the West Coast Mainline rail service from December – after being contacted by local residents, who were anxious that FirstGroup were planning the removal of Stockport as a stopping point for London and Manchester bound trains, as rumours circulated the town.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am delighted that FirstGroup plc has confirmed that Intercity services between Manchester and London will continue to stop at Stockport.

It is extremely important that Stockport retains a direct link with the Capital on the West Coast Mainline for Intercity services, irrespective of whether it is First or Virgin who eventually runs the service.

It was a blow for the town when some Intercity services bypassed Stockport station following the last network review.  It would be unforgivable to lose the service to the Capital.”



6 thoughts on “RAIL SERVICES TO LONDON via Stockport to be retained – MP

  1. Whatever happened to ….”all trains crossing Stockport’s iconic viaduct should stop at the town’s railway station as required by a 168-year-old Act of Parliament.

    Totally ignored by Downing Street despite a petition by Stockport folk in 2008.

    • Sadly no such Act of Parliament exists, although it is common currency in the town that it does. I made enquiries with the House of Commons Library and the Parliamentary Archives back at the time some intercity trains stopped using Stockport. It appears it is purely an ‘urban myth’.

  2. There was nothing in the 2007 Cross Country Franchise agreement about cutting services / stops and I quote…
    “The Secretary of State wishes to appoint a franchisee to provide railway passenger services within the Franchise and expects his franchisee, on the terms of this Agreement, actively to seek, in all reasonable business ways, greatly improved performance over the Franchise Term from its employees, its Train Fleet and other assets, and from Network Rail and its other suppliers, so as to deliver to the passenger the best railway passenger service that can be obtained from the resources that are available to it.”
    Its no urban myth that for 168 years all passenger trains between Manchester and Birmingham did stop at Stockport. The Secretary of State could have stopped this nonesense and so clearly ignored a petition from Stockport people. Was that Ruth Kelly or Douglas Alexander?

  3. I didn’t say that it was an urban myth that services stopped at Stockport up to the network review in 2007. It is an urban myth though that there is legislation in place necessitating a stop at Stockport. I checked it at the time – as did the borough’s three other MPs. There is no such legal requirement. I only wish there was! However, the point is, the rumours that had been circulating Stockport that the London trains would no-longer be stopping are not correct according to First.

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