GREATER MANCHESTER MP highlights huge fall in ASBOs

The latest official figures show that the number of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (or ASBOs) issued in Greater Manchester has fallen by 53.

A detailed breakdown obtained through Freedom of Information requests has also revealed that in the first two quarters of 2012 only 1 ASBO was issued in Stockport and none were issued in Tameside.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The Home Secretary Theresa May has trashed the tools used to tackle anti-social behaviour so it’s no wonder use is falling.”

“Theresa May took an irresponsible gamble with our community’s safety when she declared ‘It’s time to move beyond the ASBO’. That was over two years ago and we are still waiting for her to bring forward legislation for its replacement”.

“She has left police and local councils in a state of complete confusion. They have been left in limbo and so it is no wonder successful ASBO use is falling. Communities have been left without the vital tools to crack down on loutish behaviour which blights the lives of so many people because the Home Secretary has thrown a tried and tested system into chaos”.


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