SHOCK FINDINGS: You’re more likely to die in hospital at the weekend

In a response to a Parliamentary Question, Andrew Gwynne MP has discovered that there is a higher chance of patients dying in hospital if they were admitted over the weekend.

The Parliamentary Answer showed that proportionally more people died if they were admitted on a Saturday or Sunday.

Andrew Gwynne MP, Shadow Health Minister said:

“It is quite shocking that proportionally there is more chance of patients dying at the weekend than through the week.”

“Clearly the situation of staffing in Hospitals has not been helped by the actions of this government that have plunged the NHS into financial chaos by cutting the budget two years running and wasting £3bn on a unnecessary re-organisation of the back office.  Only this week we heard that the number of nurse redundancies has risen to more than 6,100.”

“The government needs to get an urgent grip on the chaos in the NHS as patients deserve better.”

For more information, see the Parliamentary Question revealing the figures.


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