HAVE YOUR SAY on proposed new boundaries

The Boundary Commission for England have launched a final stage of consultation following the publication of ‘revised’ boundaries for Parliamentary Constituencies.

The review came about as a result of the Tory and LibDem Coalition Government seeking a reduction in the number of MPs at the next General Election.  The size of the House of Commons is set to fall from the current 650 seats to just 600.  As a result all the boundaries have had to be redrawn.  New rules also introduce a strict quota for the number of voters living within all seats, to try and make all the constituencies as closely the same size as possible.

However, in a shock move, the Boundary Commission’s revised proposals for Tameside and Stockport are a complete departure from their original proposals, which had sought to keep the same number of seats covering Tameside and Stockport, as at present.  Now the area will effectively lose a seat, and as a consequence, communities will be completely split up.

The proposals include:

  • The creation of a new ‘merged’ Ashton under Lyne and Denton Constituency (with Audenshaw, Denton North East, Denton South and Denton West from the current Denton and Reddish seat joining with Droylsden East, St. Peter’s and Ashton Hurst, Ashton St. Michael’s and Ashton Waterloo).
  • Reddish will be split up: Reddish North will be placed within the Manchester Gorton seat, with Reddish South being placed in the Stockport seat.
  • Dukinfield will be put into Stalybridge and Hyde.
  • Droylsden will also be split up, with Droylsden West being placed into Manchester Central, and Droylsden East being in the Ashton & Denton seat.
  • Other changes in Stockport borough include: Bredbury and Woodley will be placed in the Stockport seat; Davenport & Cale Green to Cheadle and Poynton will be added to Hazel Grove.

Anybody wishing to comment on these proposals can do so by using the online form: CLICK HERE

Or emailing the Boundary Commission at: reviews@bcommengland.x.gsi.gov.uk

Or by post: Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ

The deadline for comments is: 10th December 2012

There is a chance these proposals won’t see the light of day.  They can only come into force IF Parliament votes to accept them.  Following the breakdown in Coalition relations over House of Lords reform, the Liberal Democrats have publicly pledged to vote with the Labour Party against the boundary changes.  The vote is scheduled for October 2013, and if this happens, then the 2015 General Election will be held on the existing constituency boundaries.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I hope people will have their say on these proposals.  I don’t agree with the splitting up of distinct natural communities like Reddish or Droylsden and I think the Commission’s proposals are flawed for that reason.  In many ways their original proposals were much more better for Tameside and Stockport.  It may well be these boundary proposals never even see the light of day, but we can’t leave that to chance.  I urge everyone to make their voice heard.

“Whatever happens, it is my firm intention to seek the Labour Party’s nomination to stand at the next General Election either for my existing Denton and Reddish constituency, or for the successor Ashton & Denton seat if the boundaries do change.”

The proposal maps for the areas forming the current Denton and Reddish seat can be viewed here:


2 thoughts on “HAVE YOUR SAY on proposed new boundaries

  1. It seems ridiculous to split Reddish and have half of it within a Manchester boundary and half in Stockport (if that is the case?). Anyway, keep Reddish together and stop splitting communities.

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