SUPPORTING TWENTY YEARS of the British In Vitro Diagnostic Association

On 24 October the British In Vitro Diagnostic Association (BIVDA), Anticoagulation Europe and The Royal College of Pathologists held a cardiac health testing day in Parliament.  The event, which showcased innovative ‘point of care’ cardiac health tests, marked the 20th Anniversary of BIVDA.

Parliamentarians, policymakers and the media were invited to come along and see first-hand the developments that have been made in cardiac health testing.  ‘Point of care’ tests are carried out close to the patient, offering rapid results – often in minutes.   They offer a means to diagnose patients earlier, bring care closer to the community, support people with long term conditions to manage their conditions themselves and empower clinicians to make quick decisions about treatment and management.

Andrew was delighted to attend this event and take a look at the latest innovations in cardiac testing, and to speak to BIVDA members about how they are taking heart health to the patient bedside and into the home.  The tests ran all day and the results were ready very quickly  –  in the time it took to have a few photographs taken!

Doris-Ann Williams MBE, Chief Executive of BIVDA said:

“For the last twenty years BIVDA has been leading the IVD industry by raising awareness of the clinical and cost utility of innovative diagnostics in the provision of effective healthcare. During this time point of care tests have shot to prevalence and we expect to see them become much more readily available to patients, making a real difference to how quickly they get treated.”

“We are extremely proud of the how far IVD technology has developed over the last twenty years, but we are even more excited to see developments twenty years in the future.”

Eve Knight, Co-founder and Chief Executive of AntiCoagulation Europe added:

“It is vitally important that as we face the challenges of a changing NHS that we make full use of modern technologies that will both improve patient outcomes and have a long term cost benefit.”


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