MP CALLS FOR PLAN TO BUILD homes in the North West

Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish, is calling on the government to back a plan to build thousands of new affordable homes to boost the economy and create thousands of new jobs. 

Labour says the government should use the £3 billion expected to be raised from the forthcoming auction of the 4G mobile phone spectrum to:

  • Fund the building of 100,000 new affordable homes across the country including 7,300 in the North West
  • Back people aspiring to own their own homes by introducing a two-year stamp-duty holiday for first time buyers purchasing properties worth up to £250,000.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“With our economy flatlining over the last year and unemployment in Stockport and Tameside too high, we need urgent action to kick-start the economy and create desperately needed new jobs.

“The government should use the funds raised from the 4G auction to put something back into the economy, build thousands of much-needed affordable homes and help first-time buyers. It would also help create thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships in the construction industry and the supply chain too.

“Around 7,300 new affordable homes – to buy and to rent – could be built in the North West with Labour’s plan. The National Housing Federation says this could create up to 11,100 jobs in construction and 44,400 in the wider supply chain.

“It has been backed by the Confederation of British Industry and it’s time this Tory-led government stopped being so complacent about the state of the economy and backed it too.”


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