ANDREW GWYNNE MEETS 1804 RAF CADETS at Willow Grove Cemetery

Andrew Gwynne MP paid a visit to Willow Grove Cemetery in South Reddish to see some of the restoration work carried out by local volunteers.

A decade ago, Willow Grove Cemetery had all but fallen into disrepair, but thanks to a dedicated group of local residents, who formed a Friends of the Cemetery group, the area has been transformed into a pleasant open space. Young people from  nearby 1804 Squadron (Four Heatons) Air Cadets have helped the friends group to restore parts of the cemetery, and – importantly – to help record the histories of a number of Commonwealth War Graves at the site.

Andrew joined 1804 Cadets and the Friends of Stockport Cemeteries to see the restoration work for himself, and to take part in a heritage tour of some of the war graves.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It is fantastic to see the progress being made to restore Willow Grove cemetery.  Whilst there’s still a lot of work to be done, it’s very easy to forget just how bad the site had become.  The decade of hard work put in by volunteers, residents and the cadets is very impressive and a testament to all concerned.”

“Willow Grove is a beautiful site, on the edge of the Tame Valley.  It is both a natural and a historical resource for South Reddish and Stockport.  I was fascinated to be taken on a tour of some of the Commonwealth War Graves here at Willow Grove, and the research that has been carried out into the stories behind the soldiers, airmen and sailors is remarkable.  It was also great to thank everybody – young and old alike – who have been involved in this project.”

For more information about Willow Grove Cemetery, click HERE.


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