CUTS HIT TAMESIDE and other deprived communities hardest

A new study has shown that cuts to local government spending power in the Tory-led Government’s current spending review are been targeted at the most deprived areas.

Analysis shows that Councils in northern, urban cities and London boroughs with high levels of deprivation, predominantly run by Labour, have seen their budgets cut by almost 10 times the amount lost by mostly Tory-administered authorities in rural southern England.  In particular Tameside Council (the 52nd most deprived borough in the country) looses a massive amount of spending power: the equivalent of £110.39 for every person living within the borough.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“We all knew the cuts were being targeted in an unfair way. Pickles’ Poll Tax – council tax rises for the poorest – come in on the same day next April as a tax cut for millionaires.

“But this new information shows that Tories and Liberal Democrats have actually targeted cuts at the most deprived communities.

“David Cameron’s local authority of West Oxfordshire loses only £34.33 per head compared to £110.39 for every person living in Tameside.  Stockport fares better, losing £57.84 in funding per person.”


2 thoughts on “CUTS HIT TAMESIDE and other deprived communities hardest

  1. Thanks Andrew and yes I know Tameside has suffered unfair cuts from this awful government, but at the same time the christmas lights in Ashton town centre and most of the other towns in Tameside are far better than Denton’s. I have lived in Denton for 48 years and there is no doubt that the people of Denton do not get fair share of the available budget in Tameside, which is why we are known as the ‘forgotten town’ of Tameside.
    Perhaps if the salary of Tameside’s CEO was set at a level in keeping with these times of austerity, and the amount of councillors expenses was reduced, then there may be a little more money go round.

    • The Christmas lights were a decision of each Distict Assembly – if a town had more than another that’s because they spent more of their ‘discretionary money’ on that this year. In respect of future years, unless something gives, I doubt very much whether any town will have any money for lights. Tameside has to find around another £70 million of cuts. This is massive and will mean it will be increasingly difficult for the council to be able to provide the basic services we’re used to, let alone fancy add-ons like Christmas lights, hanging baskets and town centre events.

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