Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, was asked to compere the latest “You Say We Pay” event at Reddish Vale Technology College last Saturday.

Organised by Stockport Council and the Community First Panel, “You Say We Pay” is an opportunity for local community groups, or groups of residents, from across Reddish North and South to apply for funding to deliver a project that will improve the quality of life for them.  Grants from £250 to £2,500 were made available to local groups – but importantly, it was for local residents and members of the bidding groups to vote using the latest electronic remote control voting devices, to decide on how the cash pot should be divided up.

Approximatively £30,000 was available this year to fund projects in Reddish North and South Wards.

A total of 26 groups were awarded some or all of the funding they bid for, including Reddish Villa Junior Football Club, North Reddish Scouts, St Elisabeth’s Church, Friends of Manchester Road Park, Harrogate Road Allotments, St Joseph’s Carers Group, Reddish News, ReddFest and Reddish Senior Citizens.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“You Say We Pay is a great community engagement tool.  It was great to see and hear about all the great community work being done right across the Reddish part of my constituency.  It was also right that the grants are voted on by the local community.  All the bids were extremely strong and I was particularly pleased that every group came away with at least some, if not all, of the money they bid for!”

Reddish – You Say,We Pay

100% funding

Group Amount
South Reddish Superstars 509.76
Sabotnik 360.00
St Joseph’s Carers 1,500.00
Reddish Business Forum 500.00
LBB 250.00
Reddish Vale Stroke 1,367.10
Reddish North End Football 1,500.00
1st/4th Reddish Scouts 1,250.00
Marbury Mini’s 1,500.00
North Reddish Scouts 1,500.00
Late Breakfast Club 1,500.00
Inspire 1,500.00
The Green Room 1,500.00
Friends of the Vale 1,500.00
Harrogate Road Allotments 900.00
Reddish Villa 870.76
Total 18,007.62

75% funding

Group Amount
Reddish Vulcans 877.50
Stockport Basketball 1,125.00
Friends of North Reddish Park 1,125.00
St Elisabeth’s 1,125.00
Reddish Vale Community Group 1.125.00
Roc Café 1,125.00
Total 6,502.50

50% funding

Group Amount
North Reddish Senior Citizens 750.00
Friends of Mcr Road Park 602.50
Friends of Reddish South Station 750.00
Reddish News 500.00
Total 2,602.50

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