QUESTION TIME from St. Anne’s pupils during Parliament Week

During Parliament Week, Andrew Gwynne MP visited Denton St Anne’s Primary School to answer questions from pupils in Year 6 about what it is like to be an MP and what it is like to work in Parliament.

Parliament Week 2012 takes place between the 19 and 25 November 2012, raises awareness and understanding of Parliament and democracy in the UK. The week brings together a diverse range of organisations, schools and individuals from across the UK in a week-long programme of events designed to engage, inform and inspire.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am thrilled to be speaking to school children at St Anne’s Primary during national Parliament week. It is important that young people get involved in politics and understand how it affects their everyday lives.”

Co-ordinated by the Houses of Parliament, Parliament Week looks at the people, places and events that have shaped democracy in the UK and hopefully will inspire young people to get involved with politics, encourage them to make their voices heard on the issues that matter to them, look at how our democracy works today and discuss its future.

Organisations such as the Royal Society of Arts, the National Children’s Bureau, UK Youth Parliament and FILMCLUB are joining with Parliament to host events about democracy and political engagement. BBC Question Time was broadcast from the historic Westminster Hall on Thursday 22 November 2012 and the Hansard Society hosted a Young People’s Question Time.


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