GWYNNE SLAMS LIB DEM MP over Compensation U-turn

Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has slammed John Leech, Withington’s Lib Dem MP, for voting for the very cuts he was supposedly campaigning against.

When the Government’s cuts take effect on 27th November, compensation will cease to be available to victims who sustain injuries such as facial disfigurement, permanent speech impediment or multiple fractured ribs.  Victims of dog attacks will no longer receive any compensation, no matter how serious their injuries.

Even those permanently disabled will see their payments slashed, as compensation for loss of earnings will be limited to the rate of Statutory Sick Pay – just £85 a week. And any victim who has had a period out of work in the previous 3 years (around a third of the UK workforce) will not receive any compensation for loss of earnings.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I was appalled when the Government brought forward these draconian and punitive cuts to the compensation that is relied on by thousands of seriously injured victims of crime and their families.  I and my fellow Labour MPs called on Ministers to soften the financial blow they planned to inflict on 90% of seriously injured victims of crime.

“Even more unpalatable was the hypocrisy of John Leech, the Lib Dem MP from Withington, who claimed to be running a campaign against these awful changes. After proposing an Early Day Motion against the cuts and using the local press to call for other backbench MPs to sign it, he then strolled into the voting lobbies and backed the cuts.

“His refusal to let local victims of serious crime get back on their feet is a slap in the face for all who really need this help. His u-turn is typical of Lib Dem MPs who think they can say one thing on the doorstep yet go back to London and do the opposite.

“I will continue to press the Government to reverse this disgraceful attack on people who find themselves in an awful situation through no fault of their own.”


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