KEEPING REVELLERS SAFE over the festive period

Broken Pint GlassAndrew Gwynne MP has called a meeting with the local authorities in Tameside and Stockport, the police and local licensees to discuss whether a consensus can be reached on how to reduce the number of glass and bottle related incidents over the festive period.

According to the Home Office, there are about 87,000 violent incidents involving glass every year in the UK and about 5,500 glassings are reported annually, whilst many more go unreported and this is something that can affect people across Denton and Reddish.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“We all want a good time during Christmas and the New Year but we want to keep safe as well. No one is suggesting a blanket ban and nor do we want to put an extra burden on pubs, bars and clubs when the economy is already struggling.

“Many owners of licensed premises are already aware and recognise the dangers that glass can cause. Lots of people go out for a drink and a dance but come back with cuts and bruises.

“It would be great if a consensus could be reached to promote the use of plastic alternatives and wherever possible replace glass with plastic in venues during the festive period. This would be a great campaign and a step in the right direction but it’s important that the police, licensees and local politicians can find an agreement”.


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