GWYNNE: AEROSPACE POLICY needs long-term thinking

3018697589_d6f9405ce4_zAndrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has signed a pledge to support a successful UK aviation industry and voiced his support for the ‘Great British Flying Test’ campaign.

He has called for a stable long-term aviation policy to reassure global investors that the UK is a good place to create jobs and invest in industry, with a secure future for the North West’s air transport links.

A staggering 83% of the £17 billion earned from visits to the UK by overseas residents comes from those travelling by air, and over a quarter of all goods exported from the UK are exported by air, with a value of over £60 billion. The North West is responsible for £7.3 billion of these.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am proud to have signed the pledge to support the aerospace industry. The biggest companies employ over 1,000 people from Denton and Reddish, and the industry’s success is essential for our future prosperity. Our world-leading position in aerospace is under threat, and we need to get behind it and support an industry that is responsible for 29% of all exports from our region.

“One of the main factors that attracts foreign companies here is the global reach provided by the aviation industry.  According to Government figures, there are 24,902 jobs in Stockport and Tameside provided by foreign-owned companies.

“Manchester Airport is a key gateway to the world, and it supports Manchester’s place in the global economy. There is a lingering absence of a long-term aviation policy from this government – we need a stable future for our world-class air links to get us on the path to economic recovery and to support the thousands of jobs that rely on them in our area.”


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