LONG TERM UNEMPLOYMENT still up 73% in Denton and Reddish

_Unemployment_2087907bCommenting on the latest unemployment statistics for the Denton and Reddish constituency, local MP Andrew Gwynne said:

“Here in Denton and Reddish long term unemployment is still up 73% on the year. But the government’s Work Programme is comprehensively failing.

“Last month we found out that the Work Programme is getting fewer people into jobs than if the Government did nothing at all. Only 2.4% of people referred onto to the Work Programme have been placed into jobs in Denton and Reddish.

“This Government has got to wake up to this crisis, they must take action now and they should start with Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee and get our young people back to work.”

Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, responding to today’s Labour Market Statistics, said:

“Today’s headline fall in unemployment will be welcome news for thousands of striving families really feeling the pinch this Christmas.

“But today’s news brought fresh evidence that we are absolutely not out of the woods. Unbelievably, unemployment actually rose across a third of England, job growth has slowed to the slowest pace we’ve seen since January and pay packets are taking an absolute hammering. Last month prices rose at twice the rate of wages.

“Worst of all, while working families are doing anything and everything to bring in work, the DWP appears to be doing absolutely nothing. Long term unemployment is refusing to budge as the Government’s beleaguered Work Programme fails to make a blind bit of difference.

“What today’s figures really show is that Britain’s strivers are under more pressure now than ever, which is why it is absolutely wrong to be taking another whack out of families’ tax credits with the proposed strivers tax.”


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