RE-OPENING FRIDAY: Haughton Green Post Office latest

HGPOAfter demands for action from Denton’s MP, Andrew Gwynne, and local Denton South Councillor, Claire Francis, Post Office Ltd have now confirmed that the issues surrounding the unplanned closure of Haughton Green Post Office appear to have been resolved.

It is now planned that the Haughton Green Post Office will reopen to the public on Friday 21st December.


Text of the latest email sent to Andrew Gwynne MP:

On 18 Dec 2012, at 16:10, “Julia Harrison” wrote:

Dear Andrew

We now have a temporary Sub Postmaster who can have access to the branch.

For various technical reasons the branch is planned to reopen on Friday. Because this has been quite a complicated situation I would be happy for you to communicate that the branch is “planned to open on Friday 21st December” but please do allow for the fact that something may impact on this plan.

Again, I apologise for the inconvenience caused to your local constituents by this unexpected closure and for the time that you have had to take in liaising with me to gain information.

Have a good Christmas.

Kind regards

Julia Harrison Senior Stakeholder Manager – North West


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