BANK BRANCH CLOSURE slammed by Dukinfield MP

DukiNatWestCommenting on the announcement that NatWest Bank PLC will close its Dukinfield Branch from April 2013, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am incredibly saddened to hear of the closure next April of the NatWest branch in Dukinfield.

It is a real blow to our high street to lose these facilities and creates another reason for people not to come into the area.  I am concerned about the inconvenience this will cause to its many customers, but, in particular, to pensioners who have a card account, as they have been encouraged to do, as they will now have further to go to access the bank’s services.

It is especially galling that NatWest is part of the state-owned RBS Group that taxpayers bailed out.  We all supported NatWest through a difficult time and this is how local communities are repaid.  I hope they will reconsider this bad decision.”


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