GWYNNE: GOVERNMENT ‘OUT OF TOUCH’ with the immediate care crisis

Elderly lady holding her hands near an electric fireAndrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, responding to comments being made by Paul Burstow on adult social care, said:

“The Tories and Lib Dems have sat on the Dilnot proposals for funding long-term care for over a year.  In the meantime, vital local services that help older people and their family carers are being put under threat because of the Tory-led Government’s cuts to local council budgets which go too far, too fast.

“This is costing us all more as more older people end up having to go into hospital or more expensive residential homes when they don’t need to.

“When Paul Burstow had the power, as a Minister, he failed to engage seriously with Labour’s offer of cross-party talks. The Government is completely out of touch with the immediate care crisis. Instead of sticking their heads in the sand they should engage in serious cross-party talks so we can get a proper agreement across all the political parties about how we fund long term care in future.”

Read the full Guardian story here:

Means test winter fuel cash for pensioners to fund care, says Lib Dem

  • Paul Burstow says it will be ‘brave’ to find £1.5bn for care reform by withdrawing fuel help from most pensioners


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