men-at-work-no-legend-10036094-0-1328532629000Audenshaw’s MP Andrew Gwynne has expressed anger and disappointment, having learned today (Thursday 10th January) that the misery caused by sewer repair work along Stamford Road may not be over quite yet.

The road has been closed since early August to allow United Utilities to carry out work to re-line the sewer pipe.  The road was due to re-open on 21st December, but just before Christmas United Utilities announced that further pressure testing of the re-lined pipe would be required before the temporary above-ground pipes could be removed leading to the road remaining closed until early January.

United Utilities have stated that the project team are now in the process of re-instating the sewer flows, filling in the excavations and clearing the site. This work is expected to be completed by Sunday with the road re-opening on Monday, 14th January.

However, United Utilities have confirmed that they are going to have to return to carry out further work on this sewer, as the pressure testing has revealed that the new lining itself has a manufacturing fault and it will not provide enough stability to the sewer in the long term.

United Utilities have expressed their deep sorrow at this development and have given assurances that they will be seeking to minimise any further disruption to residents during this additional work.

 Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It is hugely disappointing and frustrating to learn that further work is going to be required on Stamford Road after a six month closure, which has caused massive inconvenience to local residents and visitors alike.

It is not yet clear what the extent of this work will be, but I will be seeking assurances from United Utilities that every effort is made to ensure that the work is carried out as quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

I will be meeting with the project manager in the near future to discuss this work and what amends United Utilities can make to the community to compensate for this further inconvenience.”


One thought on “MP ANNOYED AT MORE DISRUPTION: Stamford Road latest

  1. It has been an absolute nightmare … I am an Audenshaw resident who has to travel daily to corporation road to visit my parents, it has put extra time and i have used more fuel to my journeys, a journey that should take 5 minutes is now up to 25 minutes or more a day. I doubt Stamford Road will be opened on Monday and to read of further disruptions is a disappointment.

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