ONE NATION APPROACH for those who rent

Affordable HousingAndrew Gwynne MP has voiced concerns about the lack of decent, affordable housing in Denton and Reddish. It is a huge issue and local families are dismayed that the current Tory-led Government has cut the budget for building new affordable homes by 60 per cent.

This lack of housing has led to a massive increase in the number of people who rent their homes privately, including more than one million families with children. This has also led to a rise in problems associated with renting.

There are many responsible landlords and rental agencies operating in the private rented sector, but there are also too many rogue landlords and agencies who are charging rip-off fees for sub-standard housing and hard-working people.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“A future Labour Government would end the confusing and inconsistent fees and charges regime, making fees easily understandable, upfront and comparable across agents.”

“These policies could make a real difference to people in Denton and Reddish who feel trapped and exploited at having to rent their homes from rogue landlords and unscrupulous agencies. We have an opportunity to take action but we risk letting this chance slip by.”

A tenant looking to rent a new home faces confusing and often hidden fees for administration, credit reference checks, tenancy renewals and for checking in and out of the property.  A lack of transparency makes it hard for people to shop around with average fees estimated at £226 per tenant and £76m per year across the whole private rental sector. Whilst estate agents can be banned for bad practice, lettings agents are not subject to the same stringent complaints and redress procedures.

Labour plan to introduce a national register of landlords and grant local authorities greater powers to root out and strike off rogue landlords. This would make it easier for local authorities to tackle rogue landlords and to strike off those found to have broken the rules. Labour would also provide a system for people to get redress when a lettings agent has ripped them off, similar to the one for estate agents.


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