MP GWYNNE SLAMS rogue landlords in Commons debate

71872_268A_268_IMG_01_0000_max_620x414Local MP Andrew Gwynne today slammed rogue landlords in the House of Commons, and backed Labour’s motion to call on the Government to take real action to protect renters, including the more than one million families that live in the sector.

The private rented sector is now a mainstream tenancy, making up 3.6 million households in England. Around 8.5 million people in England now rent privately and nearly a third of all private rented sector households are families with children.

With private renting on the rise more people are being ripped off by unscrupulous letting agents, yet the Government has rolled back Labour’s plans to protect tenants and landlords.

The Citizens Advice Bureau found that 73 per cent of tenants they surveyed were dissatisfied with the service provided by their letting agent, and report that a significant number of people have difficulties contacting agents, and suffer serious delays in getting repairs.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“If it’s right to have decent homes in the public sector, then it’s equally right to have decent homes in the private rented sector too. Let’s end the scandal of slum landlords and give every tenant – every family  – the right to live in a home that meets basic minimum standards.

“We cannot have two nations divided between those who own their homes and those who rent which is why this side of the house are determined to find a One Nation solution to the problems associated with renting.”

Click HERE to link to the full Private Sector Housing debate (Andrew Gwynne’s contribution is at 6.02pm).


2 thoughts on “MP GWYNNE SLAMS rogue landlords in Commons debate

  1. Yes, the slum landlords should not be allowed to carry on, letting agents should be regulated. There should also be further laws stopping housing benefit tenants from claiming the benefit but fail to pass it onto the landlords (this is fraud) the courts should have more aurthoritys to remove tenants that abuse the landlords and fail to pay there rent. There has to be more balance for all.

  2. I could not agree more, greedy landlords have been raking the money in for years whilst renting some properties which are not fit to live in. They swan round in there fancy cars they and their families live off the vulnerable and weak. Most people who live in these conditions are too afraid to speak out for fear of eviction. In truth nobody should live in the conditions private landlords expect tenants to and expect a fair price for rent. Keep Shouting Andrew until you are heard, make them accountable.

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