PROUD TO BE APPOINTED President of Denton Brass

Denton Brass BandLocal MP Andrew Gwynne has agreed to become the President of Denton Brass, after being formally invited to take up the role. 

Denton Brass are a non-profit making organisation, providing music to the community. In 2009 the band celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The Denton Original Band (as it was then known) began its existence in 1859, its promoters receiving the generous support of some of the town’s hat manufacturers and local gentry.  The band has a wonderful record, the crowning triumph coming in London in 1900 when the band won the ‘thousand guinea cup’ which was open to bands throughout Great Britain and her colonies. The cup was kept at Denton Town Hall and security of £1,000 had to be given for its safe custody.

In addition to performing a number of concerts and marches in the Tameside area, the band today competes in a number of contests. These include the North West Area Championships, the Pontins contest, the Fleetwood contest, the Buxton Festival contest and, of course, the famous Whit Friday contests around Tameside and Saddleworth, the greatest free show in the country!

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am thrilled to have been asked to take up the role of President of Denton Brass as it has a really long and illustrious history in Denton.  They are a young, eager and friendly band, so I am really happy to be able to support them in any way I can in the future.”

Denton Brass is a member of North West Area Brass Band Association.


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