CO2 AwarenessAndrew has given his support to the Charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness as they look for more funding so they can carry on with their profile raising work on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. The charity is facing closure unless new sources of finance can be found.

The charity established Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week and made it a key feature of the Public Health calendar, but thousands of people are still failing to have gas and other fossil fuel appliances regularly serviced.

Lynn Griffiths, President of Carbon Monoxide Awareness said:

“The simple fact of the matter is that the current economic climate is forcing thousands of people into poverty and they don’t have spare cash for even essential maintenance, like having their central heating boilers and other fuel burning appliances serviced at the appropriate time.”

“It’s a false economy and people are gambling with their lives, but when it comes down to a choice between putting food on the table and having a flue checked or an appliance serviced. I can understand where they’re coming from. These are desperate days and people are making desperate choices.”

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I support the worthwhile and important work of Carbon Monoxide Awareness. I am calling on the government to ensure that it’s funding carries on so it can continue to raise awareness of this deadly and silent killer.”

Approximately 4,000 people are diagnosed with low level carbon monoxide poisoning each year and that figure is just the tip of an iceberg because many cases go undetected. Around 200 are admitted to hospital annually and 50 people die.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness has received some funding from United Utilities and Plus Dane, a Cheshire-based housing association, and a group of APICS chimney sweeps has established a website link through which donors can make their contributions. Please click here.


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