DEMANDING MORE APPRENTICESHIPS for Stockport and Tameside young people

Rail-worker-train-tracks--001Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has demanded that the government do more to create much-needed quality apprenticeships for young people in Stockport and Tameside.

In the week that the government has finally announced details of the building of high speed rail (HS2) routes in Britain, Mr Gwynne has backed Ed Miliband’s call for 33,000 apprenticeships to be created as part of this massive infrastructure project.

With almost one million young people in Britain currently unemployed, the building of HS2 is a great opportunity to give a boost to their life prospects and help the development of tens of thousands of young people right now.

Labour’s Youth Task Force is taking this challenge head on – examining the best ways of tackling the problem of youth unemployment by drawing on best practice across the country.

Labour would offer school students quality vocational courses that would lead to a new gold standard qualification called a Technical Baccalaureate. We would also create a national application system for young people who want to find an apprenticeship that would work just the same as the UCAS system does for those applying to university.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“When money is tight and the government is spending billions on projects like HS2 then it really shouldn’t be too much to insist that the government also invests in our young people.

“The building of HS2 is a chance to create a new generation of skilled British workers rather than just waste the talent of those growing up wondering if they will ever get a decent job.

“But it’s not enough to just build a new route between London and Manchester. Young people in Tameside and Stockport might not want to move across the county to where the new train lines are being built so we need to give all young people everywhere a route to their futures and that starts in local schools and colleges.


One thought on “DEMANDING MORE APPRENTICESHIPS for Stockport and Tameside young people

  1. Yes I agree it’s not just enough to build a line we need apprentices to look after it after its been built, including maintaining the engins, the lines all the electrics, rolling stock and a number of other things also office staff and computer staff will have to be employed. We need more engineer equipment in schools to teach pupils the basices of engineering

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