GWYNNE SLAMS TORY CUTS to Tameside Council’s funding

Whitehall sign on buildingTameside MP Andrew Gwynne has slammed Tory-led Government cuts to Tameside Council’s funding in a heated debate in the House of Commons.

Over the next four years, it is estimated that Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council will need to find £118.125m cuts in total, a massive amount for our metropolitan borough to lose.

In Tameside’s Children’s Services department, the £11 million government-imposed budget cut has mean they have had to seriously rethink the way it serves the borough. By 2015, funding will have been reduced from £38 million to £27 million.  This will make it impossible to maintain the current level of care, and it is entirely because of the Government’s savage cuts in funding.

In his speech to the House of Commons, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Proposals being looked at by the Council will see a reduction of £1 million from the cost of looked-after children and half a million reduced from the Family Intervention project. Clearly this will have a big impact on what the council can do to help some of the most vulnerable and socially deprived families in my constituency.

“Tameside council is an excellent, four-star local authority. It has been highlighted as having some of the best financial procedures of any local authority. It is well managed, and it has met the Gershon savings put in place by the Labour Government with commendation and improved services at the same time. These new cuts are too far and too deep for an authority such as Tameside.”

The full House of Commons speech can be viewed HERE


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