COUNCIL TAX RELIEF CHANGES affect Tameside and Stockport families

Hard working Families Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish, is warning families currently in receipt of Council Tax Benefit to seek advice from the Council about changes due to come in on April 1st. 

The decision of the Tory-led government to axe Council Tax Benefit to change the way local Council Tax relief is delivered, will have a huge impact on many people in Tameside and Stockport.

Nearly two million people across the country– including people in low paid work, carers and the disabled – will see their Council Tax go up substantially, or they may have to pay it for the first time because the Government has cut the funding that goes to local councils for this extra help they receive.

Worse, it will be ordinary people that will be paying the price, whilst at the same time David Cameron has chosen to give millionaires a tax cut worth £100,000.

In Tameside and Stockport, those of pensionable age will still receive the same level of Council Tax relief as they used to do under the old system, but many working-age claimants will have significant reduction in the help they receive.

In Tameside, some of the changes include:

  • Introducing a maximum limit to the amount of Council Tax Support that can be paid
  • Capping the Council Tax support to a Band B
  • Changing the rate at which Council Tax Support is withdrawn where a person has more income than the law says they need to live on
  • Changing the rate at which Council Tax Support is withdrawn to provide work incentives
  • Change the amount of earned income that is ignored

If people are unsure how they are affected they should contact Tameside Council on 0161 342 3708 or check the on line calculator at:

In Stockport, the changes to their scheme include:

  • The Council Tax Band used to calculate entitlement will be restricted to  band A for smaller households or band B for larger households.
  • Second Adult Rebate will be abolished for working age people.
  • Non dependant  deductions will be made at either £10 or £5 per week dependant on the  non-dependant’s income unless they are receiving Income Support or JSA (Income Based) when no deduction will be made.
  • Support can only be  claimed by people with less than £8000 capital or savings.

If people are unsure how they are affected they should contact Stockport Direct Local Centres on 0161 217 6009 or Welfare Rights on 0161 474 3093

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“These changes to Council Tax relief will impact on a large number of working people here in Denton and Reddish. The Government are trying to pass the buck to local councils, but they are not passing on the bucks! We need to make sure that the blame for the changes to council tax relief lies where it should – with David Cameron and his Tory-led Government.”

“David Cameron says we’re ‘All in this Together’ but he’s planning a council tax increase which will hit a number of people across Tameside and Stockport.”


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