WE NEED A FAIR DEAL for Stockport

Stockport_Town_HallThe Tory-led Government’s local government finance settlement is hitting the most deprived areas hardest. And Stockport Council is losing out and is not getting a fair deal.

Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, said:

“George Osborne and Eric Pickles are living in a world of their own. They simply don’t understand the impact that their decisions on funding are having on services and the local people who use and rely upon them.

“We already knew cuts were being targeted in an unfair way. Pickles’ Poll Tax – council tax rises for the poorest – come in on the same day next April as a tax cut for millionaires.

Because of the decisions of the Tory-led Government Stockport residents are facing a reduction in funding to the tune of £97 for every man, woman and child living in the borough.  This will have a huge impact on the services the Council can deliver.”

“Mr Osborne and Mr Pickles are distributing these massive cuts unfairly – hitting those that can afford it least the hardest. I’m concerned that areas like Reddish, where there is a real need for those funds, and for the retention of quality public services, are clearly shouldering the greatest reductions in central government funding. To add salt in the wounds, George Osborne’s own Council, Cheshire East, are facing the smallest reduction in funding than any local authority in the whole of the north of England.”

“It’s simply wrong and unfair. We need a fair deal for the people of Stockport.”


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