ONE IN FIVE CHILDREN in poverty in Denton and Reddish

child-poverty500x250The Campaign to End Child Poverty has published new figures which show that over one in five children in the Denton and Reddish Constituency are now officially living in poverty.

The study provides a child poverty map for the whole of the United Kingdom, with a breakdown of the figures by Parliamentary Constituency and by local authority area. The shocking statistics reveal that just over one in five (21%) children residing within the Denton and Reddish Constituency are now living in poverty.

(The borough-wide figures show 24% of children across the whole of Tameside and 16% across the entirety of Stockport are living in poverty.)

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The child poverty map paints a very real picture of the levels of poverty in Denton and Reddish and across the UK. It is a real problem because the life chances of millions of children are being damaged by increased poverty and inequality. Child poverty costs us billions of pounds, picking up the pieces of damaged lives and unrealised potential, so it’s a false economy if we don’t prioritise looking after our country’s children today.”

“The Tory-led Government urgently needs a serious plan to tackle deep-seated unemployment by creating job opportunities, so that young people and their parents can get off the dole queue and into the workplace. They also need to stop clobbering people with their savage tax credit cuts, SureStart centre closures and other unfair measures like the bedroom tax. Combined, all these things will undoubtedly be making poor families even poorer.”

Previous research has shown that child poverty damages children’s experiences of childhood and harms their future life chances. A recent study by Save the Children found that nationally well over half of parents in poverty (61%) say they have cut back on food; and over a quarter (26%) say they have skipped meals in the past year.

It also found that around 1 in 5 parents in poverty (19%) say their children have to go without new shoes when they need them. 

Child Poverty NW Map


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