RESPONSE TO LANCET STUDY of UK mortality rates – Gwynne

NHS-sign-getty_1296213c[1]Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, on today’s Lancet study of UK mortality rates, said:

“Labour rescued the NHS after years of Tory neglect. Our programme of reform and investment delivered for patients – by 2010 Labour had delivered 44,000 more doctors, 89,000 more nurses and over 100 new hospitals schemes completed. In 1997, it was not uncommon for patients to wait over 18 months for an operation – by 2010 waiting times were at their lowest level since records began.

“The task is to ensure the NHS continues to deliver the best care for patients now and in the future. This is what Labour would do. David Cameron promised to protect the NHS, but he has betrayed it. Since he entered Downing Street 4,000 nursing jobs have been lost whilst he prioritised a costly £3bn reorganisation. Public satisfaction with the NHS has nose-dived on his watch – patients are paying the price with longer waits in A&E and a growing list of rationed treatments.”


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