OUR NHS: Not for sale!


 Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“In less than a month’s time, GPs will take control of commissioning services in the largest reorganisation in the history of the National Health Service, yet now there is complete confusion about the job they are being asked to do because the Tory-led government’s policy on competition in the NHS is in utter chaos.

Their apparent u-turn in Parliament this week over the so-called ‘Section 75 regulations’ was forced on them by a fantastic campaign by 38 Degrees (and a quarter of a million people who signed their petition), trade unions, health service staff and the Labour Party, and I would like to thank the many hundreds of my constituents who wrote to me about this issue.  The truth is that they were found out trying to sneak in their back door privatisation proposals which would have seen all NHS services put out to compulsory competitive tender.

We wait to see how these regulations will be ‘redrafted’, but it will not be good enough to bring these proposals back with a few cosmetic changes.  The simple truth is this: the British public have never given this Tory-led government permission to put our NHS up for sale. Until they acknowledge that, we will never tire of reminding them.”

Andrew Gwynne is the Member of Parliament for Denton and Reddish and a Shadow Health Minister.  This was written as an open letter for the Tameside Advertiser, Tameside Reporter and the Stockport Express newspapers. 


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