MP CALLS FOR VICKY PRYCE to lose honour from Queen

huhne_2470066bLabour MP Andrew Gwynne has written to the Prime Minister insisting it is “profoundly unacceptable” for the ex-wife of former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne to still hold the honour.

Mr Gwynne wrote: “The convictions of former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne and former civil servant Vicky Pryce have had no shortage of press attention; but it has occurred to me that whilst Ms Pryce has rightly been jailed, she continues to hold the title of Companion of the Order of the Bath.

“I have no doubt that the vast majority of the public will find it profoundly unacceptable that a convicted criminal with such disregard for British justice continues to hold such an illustrious honour.

“I hope that you will carefully consider my request and agree with me that Ms Pryce’s continued position as a Companion of the Order of the Bath is profoundly unacceptable. Convicted criminals should not be allowed to hold honours bestowed in good faith by HM The Queen.”

Commenting on the request, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The honours system must not be brought into disrepute by those who break the law, because it is unfair for those law-abiding people who hold honours and continue to serve their communities with diligence and admirable dedication.

“Members of that select club – those who have received an honour from HM The Queen – are privileged, and it is only right that the Government ensures that the honours system is above reproach. People convicted of criminal offences should not remain in that club, and I am sure most people would agree.

“Being recognised for incredible work in the community is something quite special, and the idea of somebody sitting in prison being recognised in this way is unacceptable.”


3 thoughts on “MP CALLS FOR VICKY PRYCE to lose honour from Queen

  1. AS you are asking the PM for Vicky Pryce to be stripped her Order of the Bath title, may I assume that you will also be demanding that other Peers with criminal records, such as Archer and Hanningfield, should also be stripped of their honours? Why should these people be allowed to continue as peers?

    • Totally agree that Members of the House of Lords who are imprisoned should not be able to return to making the laws of the land. Sadly, unlike the forfeiture of Honours, a peerage cannot yet be removed. That would take a change to the law – but a change I think should happen.

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