BACKING LABOUR’S Alternative Queen’s Speech

4DFF92FE56F9FB1E2B98D95AE3CC_h231_w308_m5_cqdUuEUxDAndrew Gwynne MP has backed the measures in Labour’s alternative Queen’s Speech, which will help to boost the economy, create jobs and help to raise living standards for people in Denton and Reddish. Today Labour Leader Ed Miliband set out six key economic Bills that would appear in a Labour’s Queen’s Speech next week, outlining One Nation programme ideas to start turning Britain’s economy around.

Labour’s economic plans include a Jobs Bill to put in place a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee; a Finance Bill that would kick-start our economy and help make work pay with a 10p rate of tax; a Consumers Bill to tackle rip-off energy bills and train fares; A Banking Bill that backs British business with a real British Investment Bank and new regional banks;  a Housing Bill that would take action against rogue landlords and extortionate fees in the private rented sector and an Immigration Bill with economic measures that put an end to workers having their wages undercut illegally by employers exploiting migrant labour

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“We are calling for a Queen’s Speech next week that will really help working families in Denton and Reddish by reintroducing the 10p tax rate, creating more jobs and stops people being ripped off with electricity and gas bills.”

“We need an economic programme which can begin rebuilding our economy and help people with rising living cost, Labour’s Alternative Queen’s Speech will help to achieve this.”

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party said:

“A One Nation Labour government would introduce an economic programme next week in the Queen’s Speech which would show how we can tackle this crisis together.

“This Government’s had its chance. It has failed. Three years of failure: low growth, falling living standards, and more borrowing. All this government offers is more of the same: years more of falling wages and living standards, bigger welfare bills and national decline. This is a Government which has run out of ideas. This is a Government dividing, not uniting, our country.”

“We need a recovery made by the many, not just a few at the top. We need to recognise that the real wealth creators are not just a handful of millionaires but all of you – people who do the hours, put in the shifts, get up early and go home late.  And Britain needs new ideas rather than just more of the same.”

In the past three years Britain has got worse rather than better with one million more young people unemployed and more people out of work than when David Cameron became Prime Minister. The economy has also largely flatlining for two and a half years, and families paying the price with real wages down £1,700 since the election. Over the same time energy bills having risen by £300, while the profits of the energy companies have soared.


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