A_E_2230479bAndrew Gwynne MP has criticised the Government for cutting nurses and putting patients’ lives at risk as figures show that major A&E units across the North West are struggling and have consistently missed their waiting times targets over the last six months.

Staffing shortages across the NHS have left A&E departments over-stretched and under severe pressure, with reports of ambulances queuing outside and patients left on trolleys for hours on end.

The North West has lost 1,105 nurses since May 2010 and data published by the new NHS England body shows that the target of 95 per cent of patients being seen within four hours has been missed by the A&E unit in Tameside in 18 of the last 26 weeks, with a total of 4,119 people having to wait more than four hours before being seen. The target has also been missed in Stockport A&E units for 24 of the last 26 weeks, with a total of 6,082 people having to wait more than four hours before being seen.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“A&E units in the North West are struggling in a way not seen since the bad old days of the mid-1990s.

“David Cameron promised the NHS would be safe on his watch but instead his Government has haemorrhaged thousands of nurses and did nothing whilst A&Es struggled through the winter.

“It’s shocking that the North West has lost 1,105 nurses over the last three years and it’s patients who are suffering as the missed targets demonstrate.

“Patients should not be subjected to poor care because of Ministers’ failings. The Government must devise an urgent plan to bring all A&Es up to the required standard and ensure there are enough staff on the ground across the NHS to provide the safe care we need.”


2 thoughts on “SLAMMING GOVERNMENT FOR shocking A&E stats

  1. Sick and tired of all the parties, our country will soon be 3rd world states. We are all in this togeather and the big society, what a load of rubbish. MP’s need to get out of their ‘bubble’ and get into the REAL world. I do not trust any of them.

    • Totally agree with you, it is becoming hitler style england, all benefits,health care and legal care stripped from the people, so we have to do as were told and shut up, until we eventually died, either of starvation or stess !! This goverment has brought this country to its knees, the Magna Carta says the country belongs to the People of England, not the chosen few, therefore it is the people who should have the say, not these toffs in parliment.
      But whoever takes over now will have a really big mess to sort out, and it will be very difficult to do so.
      But then if the extra housing expenses were cut from MPs and benefits cut to those who earn over a certain amount, Rents decreased all over the country, therefore less housing benefit to be paid and people could eat better, therefore less illness and pressure on A@E. I am sure there would be enough AND plenty extra from their bank accounts, to turn things around !!

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