OPPOSING BACKDOOR privatisation of our NHS

Wheel of misfortune AG 001LR (2)Andrew Gwynne MP joined with Britain’s biggest union, Unite, to campaign against the pro-privatisation section 75 NHS regulations, which were later passed through the Lords by the Conservative-led government.

Unite had constructed a huge “NHS wheel of misfortune” where MPs and passers-by could find out just how much it will cost for medical procedures with the backdoor privatisation of the NHS.

It is now feared that the coalition’s NHS policies, including a multi billion pound funding squeeze coupled with a massive reorganisation, will destroy the founding principles of the NHS, now paving the way for a new marketised system where paying up to £10,000 for maternity costs or £13,450 for a new hip is the norm.

At the photocall a ‘patient’ on a drip and NHS staff was goaded into spinning the NHS wheel of misfortune by game show hosts David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt. The Section 75 regulations was previously withdrawn and re-written once following a huge public outcry.

Rachael Maskell, Unite head of health, said:

“We need to wake up urgently to what this government is doing to our NHS. Since 2010, the private grip on this public service has tightened with more than £20 billion of our health pounds now in private hands but the regulations passed in Parliament only accelerate this.”

Shadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne MP said: 

“It was Labour peers who forced a crucial vote in the Lords on the Government’s NHS competition regulations, amid growing evidence of accelerating NHS privatisation, it is a huge shame that it was passed by this Tory-led coalition in the House of Lords.”

“NHS privatisation is already proceeding at an alarming pace. These regulations will let the privatisation genie fully out of the bottle. Having been caught out trying to privatise the NHS by the front door, ministers have sneaked in the same rules by the back.”

“David Cameron promised to put doctors in charge and let them decide. He is now mandating the medical profession to carve the NHS open to full competition. It’s clear that the Prime Minister has mis-sold his NHS reforms.”


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