MP GWYNNE CALLS on residents to have say on Tameside Hospital

MEN%20tameside%20hospital%207_5883623-1721474Local MP Andrew Gwynne, and the Medical Director of the NHS in England, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, have called on local residents to have their say on Tameside Hospital after it was revealed it was being reviewed.

The Prime Minister has announced that Trusts that are statistical outliers on mortality indicators would join a review headed by Sir Bruce. As part of that review, local residents and users of hospitals in the affected NHS Trusts are being asked for their views on care and quality.

Mr Gwynne met Sir Bruce and discussed the review, and both agreed to ask local residents to make their views heard.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It is hugely important that Tameside residents have their say on our local hospital. Our local NHS staff perform essential work under challenging conditions, and they carry out their duties with diligence and pride.

“With that in mind, the NHS has to be in touch with those it serves, and so I would like to ask all local residents to visit the website of the review and get in touch with Sir Bruce.”

Writing to Andrew Gwynne after the meeting, Sir Bruce Keogh said:

“I particularly valued the useful discussion about the need to focus on improving services for patients, rather than argue about the data. I am determined that these reviews should be about identifying solutions for any problems that may exist.

“I am interested in not just providing a diagnosis, but helping to write the prescription and provide support to these hospitals to help them improve.”

You can have your say on Tameside Hospital at


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