GWYNNE GETS A CHANCE to bring in new law in Parliament

Parliamentary_archives_-_Acts_of_Parliament_(5)Local MP Andrew Gwynne is one of the lucky winners in the annual Private Members’ Bill ballot in Parliament.

He has been drawn as the seventh MP to introduce a new Bill on the floor of the House of Commons which will be introduced later this year.

Mr Gwynne has past experience, having already achieved the rare feat of introducing a new law to the statute book. The Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Act 2010 received cross-party support when it was proposed by Andrew Gwynne, resulting in a new law that continues to protect developing countries from vulture funds.

These are private equity firms that buy up the defaulted debts of the world’s poorest countries at very low prices and then take them to court to aggressively recoup the debts at full value. The funds can no longer use British courts to pursue countries eligible for debt relief, and a number of other countries are beginning to follow Britain’s lead.

Andrew is hoping to achieve a similar feat, and is already considering proposals for new laws.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Having managed to get a Private Members’ Bill on the statute books before, I am keen to make a difference again.

“There are so many worthy causes, but I am particularly considering introducing a Bill to tackle youth unemployment, one of the biggest issues facing Tameside and Stockport.”


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