‘SADDENED’ BY POSSIBLE CLOSURE of Salford Uni Politics dept: Gwynne

university_of_salford_maxwell_buildin_450Denton and Reddish MP – and Salford Politics alumnus – Andrew Gwynne has slammed the proposed closure of Salford’s School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences.

Martin Hall, the Salford vice-chancellor, has written to students to inform them of “measures we are proposing to take to secure the future of the university”.

The deeply controversial decision has been slammed by local politicians and students at the university.

The University and College Union said it could not rule out strike action, calling the latest announcement the 13th round of job cuts in the last two years.

Greater Manchester MP Andrew Gwynne said:

“I am deeply saddened by the proposed closure of an entire school by Salford University. I attended Salford to study Politics and Contemporary History between 1995 and 1998, and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of teaching students about the issues facing our world.

“If Salford’s vice-chancellor no longer sees languages, politics and history as worthy areas of study, then I can only mourn the future of our country.

“I hope they see the light and halt this ridiculous plan.”

Recent Salford Politics graduate Stephen Mann said:

“I am deeply disappointed with the announced closure of Salford’ Politics department. Through the department I gained experience working for an MP alongside being taught by some of the brightest political lecturers in the UK.

“It is a shame the University has taken this short term decision to close one of its greatest assets, and it will push students away from Salford if they wish to pursue a political degree.”


3 thoughts on “‘SADDENED’ BY POSSIBLE CLOSURE of Salford Uni Politics dept: Gwynne

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