A NEW VISION FOR SOCIAL SECURITY backed by Denton & Reddish MP

Ed Miliband in HastingsLabour’s One Nation approach to social security has this week been backed by local MP Andrew Gwynne.

Ed Miliband has set out how a future Labour Government would transform social security and this could really help people in Tameside and Stockport; both in work and out of work.

There are four main points to this new vision for social security – finding work for everyone who can work, tackling low pay, rewarding those who have contributed more and spending money on houses instead of housing benefit.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Here in Tameside and Stockport, worklessness is costing us a fortune and we’re spending millions on housing benefit instead of building new homes. The Tories may talk tough on welfare but the truth is they leave people out of work for year after year, costing the country a fortune.

“That’s why I’m backing Ed Miliband and Ed Balls this week as they set out their plans to control social security spending the Labour way – by tackling the real problems that keep costs high. If we are going to turn our economy round, protect our NHS, and build a stronger country we will have to be laser-focused on how we spend every single pound, and that includes social security.

“I’m asking people in Tameside and Stockport to join me in backing social security reform – demanding that people who can work do, tackling low pay and the need for taxpayer top ups like tax credits and switching money from housing benefit paid to private landlords to invest in building new houses again. I’m Labour because Labour is the party of work, and it’s our job to make sure we have a social security system fit for the next generation.”


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