“BAG IT AND BIN IT” says MP Gwynne

Big ScoopAndrew Gwynne MP is supporting the Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy as they launch the Big Scoop campaign.

As the dog population sits at approximately 8 million and is only set to grow so too is the problem with dog mess. For the first time in ten years a rise in dog fouling has been reported* and with 64% of people considering it to be the most offensive litter item, something needs to be done to tackle the problem. Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, is this year lending support to The Big Scoop, an initiative to be launched on 14 June by Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy with the help of celebrity campaigner Ben Fogle to urge people to not only collect their dog’s mess but dispose of it properly too.

Dogs Trust approached all MPs asking whether the issue of dog fouling is affecting their constituents and the overwhelming feedback was a resounding yes.

Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish said:

“This has in recent months become a bigger issue both in terms of people contacting my office directly about dog fouling and in casework that I pick up when I am out on the doorstep in Denton and Reddish.

The complaints tend not to just be about dog mess left on pavements and open spaces, but also about bags of dog mess being thrown into bushes and trees.  It would seem that some dog owners have got the ‘bag it’ half of the message, but not the ‘bin it’ part. I support The Big Scoop as an excellent initiative to highlight the problems of dog fouling and urge people to take responsibility for their dogs.”

The Big Scoop will engage with children, councils and park wardens to raise awareness of the importance of responsible dog ownership. Children will be asked to show their support and don specially designed capes transforming them into Scooper Heroes and councils will be supplied with free poo bags and literature on the issue.

Celebrity supporter Ben Fogle adds:

“Thousands of pounds are spent each year on ensuring public spaces are kept clean and this could all be so much easier if dog owners remembered the simple message to ‘Bag it, Bin it.’ Sadly it’s becoming a recurring sight to see bags of dog mess hanging from tree branches, fences, gates, basically anywhere but in a bin. It’s a two step process and one which all dog owners need to be on board with. After all we all know that the Dog Poo Fairy doesn’t exist!”

Activity will start on June 14th and Scooper Heroes and council led activities will be arranged to garner support for The Big Scoop. To find out more please visit www.thebigscoop.org.uk.


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