GWYNNE SPEAKS UP for Britain’s Armed Forces

4e1a1c96759c4e40b1925e91767f2254-check-in-easyjet-uk-flight-reviewLabour MP Andrew Gwynne this week questioned Ministers on their plans to make life easier for members of the Armed Forces.

Mr Gwynne spoke in Defence questions in the House of Commons, following Jim Murphy in calling for more help for those in the Armed Forces.

He challenged Ministers including Philip Hammond to explain how they would provide benefits to serving members of the Armed Forces.

Defence Minister Mark Francois conceded that Jim Murphy’s proposal for priority boarding for servicemen was certainly worth looking into.

Mr Gwynne asked Defence Minister Mark Francois:

“The whole House will agree we should support members of the Armed Forces and veterans when they travel. In a sign of public support, it is common in America for members of the US military to be given ‘speedy boarding’. Would the Secretary of State back a campaign for UK airlines to give UK service personnel similar priority boarding rights?”

After Defence Questions, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Britain should follow America’s lead in treating members of the Armed Forces with the utmost respect when they are back from operations.

“After Britain’s operations in Northern Ireland, our forces became too used to not wearing their uniforms off base. They should be able to wear them anywhere and be treated properly. One of our proposals is to give priority in airports to those in uniform or carrying Military ID.

“I hope the Government takes up our call for more help for those who lay their lives on the line for us in some of the most dangerous environments on earth.”


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