oldham batteriesLabour’s One Nation approach to building more homes for families and children in Stockport and Tameside has been backed by local MP Andrew Gwynne this week.

Stockport and Tameside both have a shortage of quality, affordable homes available to local families but Labour has this week announced a bold new approach to encourage land-owners to start building, get construction workers back into jobs and provide decent homes for local families

Labour is considering giving local authorities real powers to charge developers fees for unnecessarily sitting on land with planning permission and to say to the worst offenders that they should either use the land, or lose the land. Permission to build homes should mean land-owners build homes.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“A decent home at a price people can afford is essential to leading a healthy, happy life and right now, too many people have to struggle too hard and too long to achieve that, whilst for many others it is simply out of reach.

“Stockport and Tameside have had a shortage of quality, affordable homes for years and it’s young local families that are worst affected by this. The Tory-led Government seems either unable or unwilling to do anything about it but Labour’s ideas could give our area a real boost.

“Nobody should be in any doubt about the Labour Party’s determination to rebuild this country, get our construction industry working again and give families in my constituency of Denton and Reddish a real chance of owning a decent home just like their parents did before them.”


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