TAMESIDE HOSPITAL: Joint statement by local MPs

Tameside HospitalThe Guardian Newspaper today (3rd July 2013) published an article about Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Hospital Trust). The article focussed on the standard of care delivered at the Hospital Trust, in particular the poor performance of A&E and the impact that poor management is having on the delivery of health services at the hospital. The article cites two reviews which detail operational deficiencies in how the hospital delivers health services to residents in Tameside.

In response to the article, the three MPs for Tameside have released a joint statement and published along with their official submission to the Keogh review.

MPs Jonathan Reynolds, Andrew Gwynne and David Heyes said:

“We have campaigned for many years to ensure Tameside Hospital delivers the level of care expected of an NHS Hospital.  These reports reflect our own concerns and the submission made by us to the Keogh review.

Although the majority of care delivered by the Hospital’s front-line staff is praised by patients, we have had serious concerns about aspects of care and governance at the Hospital for some time now, which the Hospital Trust are well aware of.  We have always stood by our previous statement that new leadership is required.

It is for these reasons that we all welcomed the review into the delivery of health services at the Hospital Trust by Sir Bruce Keogh. We believe this process will give us the chance to address the problems Tameside faces.

There needs to be significant and sustained improvement across several different areas of care and management. We are confident this can be done, and in doing so local confidence in the Hospital’s ability to meet the needs of our community can be restored.”


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