TAMESIDE HOSPITAL: Update on latest developments

Tameside Hospital Responding to press speculation that Tameside Hospital Chief Executive, Christine Green, and Medical Director Tariq Mahmood are to stand down, the three MPs for Tameside have released a joint statement.

MPs Jonathan Reynolds, Andrew Gwynne and David Heyes said:

“Although we are still awaiting formal confirmation from Tameside Hospital, we would welcome the departure of Chief Executive, Christine Green, and Medical Director, Tariq Mahmood from their positions at Tameside Hospital.”

“We have all said on numerous occasions that Tameside Hospital needs a change of leadership, and we are glad that change finally appears to be under way.”

“Although there are numerous concerns about problems at the hospital we know from both speaking to our constituents and from personal experience that there are is lot of good care delivered by the hospital’s staff too. However, the problems that do exist at Tameside have not been sufficiently addressed and we believe that the senior management have to answer for this.”

“The Hospital trust now needs to find a successor who is capable of implementing the change that our hospital needs. Whoever takes that responsibility will have their work cut out for them, and we look forward to developing a strong working relationship with them.”

“Hopefully, this will be a turning point, and patients, staff and the wider public will now be able to rebuild their confidence in Tameside Hospital.”



One thought on “TAMESIDE HOSPITAL: Update on latest developments

  1. On behalf of Glossopdale residents, who use the hospital – thank you all for your work on this. good to see persistence and hard work getting results.

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