NHS REFORMS – Merry-go-round slammed by Gwynne

NHS hospital staffCommenting on the National Audit Office’s report showing that almost half a billion pounds has been spent on NHS redundancies, with many staff then being redeployed in the NHS, Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, said:

“This report lifts the lid on the Government’s shambolic re-organisation of the NHS. Ministers took £3 billion away from patient care and blew it on redundancy pays-off, leaving thousands of jobs unfilled.

“Since David Cameron entered Downing Street over four thousand nursing posts have been axed and 1 in ten hospitals are now short-staffed. I don’t know how the Prime Minister can justify handing out huge redundancy pay-offs to managers and P45s to nurses.

“David Cameron’s boasts about cutting NHS bureaucracy have come to nothing too – instead, he’s been caught adding to it.

“Ministers are taking unacceptable risks with standards of patient care. They should focus on England’s A&E crisis and making sure hospitals have enough staff.”


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