h_slide3Responding to the news that a new interim Chief Executive and Medical Director have been appointed, Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I welcome the departure of the former Chief Executive and Medical Director from their positions at Tameside Hospital. This is something the three Tameside MPs have called for publicly in the past, and frankly it should have happened sooner. It is a shame it took further bad reports into care at Tameside for this to happen.

“Although there remain some serious concerns about the hospital, many which have been identified in recent reports, and no doubt which will be reiterated in the Keogh Review, I know from both speaking to my constituents and from personal experience that there is also lot of good care delivered by the hospital’s staff too.

“However, where problems have been identified, they not been sufficiently addressed in the past and I believe that the previous management had failed to answer for this.

“I am pleased that an interim Senior Management Team, led by Karen James from the South Manchester Hospitals Trust, has been very quickly appointed, and I hope they can start to implement the change that our hospital needs and I look forward to developing a strong working relationship with them.

“Hopefully, this will be a turning point, and patients, staff and the wider public will now be able to rebuild their confidence in Tameside Hospital.”


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