Tameside Hospital (i)Today’s Keogh Report into Tameside Hospital is frankly damning. 

It confirms what we’ve long known, what I personally have experienced, and what my own constituency casework bares out: that for too many, the standard of care provided in parts of the hospital just isn’t acceptable.

That’s why I welcome the Keogh findings, because it finally confirms the need for change at Tameside Hospital.  The report – correctly – paints a Trust that was controlled by a dominant Chief Executive, with limited governance and internal critical challenge, and a catalogue of failings arising from that.

I came to the same conclusion which is why I called publicly for the Chief Executive to go, three years ago.  That change finally happened two weeks ago, and I hope the new interim management will take the Keogh findings as the blueprint for much-needed change at the hospital.

Tameside’s problems are deep-seated and long-standing, but I will work with the Hospital, and the many dedicated, hard-working and caring staff, who will be feeling battered and bruised by some of this report, to secure the changes the people of Tameside and Glossop deserve. The new interim management must listen to those working in the hospital, and those users of the hospital’s services because they are best placed to say what’s wrong, and how to put things right.  We need a genuinely bottom-up process to make our hospital better again.



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