RAIL FARE INCREASES are clobbering passengers – Gwynne

Trains1Rail commuters in England will be clobbered with fare rises of up to 9.1% on busy lines from next year. Commuters will also face an average 4.1% rise in regulated rail fares – including season tickets.

Train companies can vary regulated fares by up to 5% above the average 4.1% rise, but fares that go up by more than the average must be balanced by others that rise by less or fall.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“David Cameron’s cost of living crisis is leaving families struggling and yet another year of inflation-busting fare rises will just add to the pressure on household budgets. At a time when wages are stagnant or falling, it is completely out of touch for Ministers to allow fares to go up by as much as 9.1 per cent again, yet allow private train companies to walk away with £305 million from passengers each year.”

Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary said:

“Labour would ban train companies from hiking fares beyond a strict one per cent above inflation limit, introduce a legal right to the cheapest ticket and crack down on rising car parking charges at stations.”


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