UNDERPAYMENT OF MINIMUM WAGE in social care: MP Gwynne response

Older woman and care worker Burger Phanie Rex FeaturesAndrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, commenting on the Resolution Foundation report on underpayment of the national minimum wage in social care, said:

“This report is right to highlight the scandal of our older people cared for by workers who are exploited and paid less than the minimum wage.

“The poor standard of these jobs is one of the reasons the care sector has become so dependent on cheap migrant labour – many workers don’t know their rights and so don’t speak up.

“That’s why Ed Miliband has called for a doubling of the fines for firms paying less than the National Minimum Wage. Under this Government, not one firm has been successfully prosecuted for breaching it and the number of businesses fined for employing illegal workers has fallen dramatically.

“We will never get the standards of care we need whilst social care remains a malnourished and low-pay business. Looking after someone else’s parents should be the highest calling a young person can answer, not the lowest.”


2 thoughts on “UNDERPAYMENT OF MINIMUM WAGE in social care: MP Gwynne response

  1. What can I say I am a care worker and the main problem with my job is being treated like dirt by the so called professionals, nurses, doctors social workers I am only fit to make cups of tea and clean up. I am not stupid and left school with a clutch of O levels and Highers I watch with dismay at the DN nursing staff perform their duties if I was to act like this I would be called into the office and given a warning I know what level of education gets you into a nursing course this is very low and needs to have a great deal more common sense as I have worked in the a care situations with a trainee nurse and I would not hand over the care of my elderly mother to her under any circumstances.

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