BACKING ED MILIBAND to make Labour a mass membership party

Ed MillibandAndrew Gwynne MP today backed Labour Leader Ed Miliband as he set out how he would reform Labour’s relationship with the trade unions – and stop the exploitation of working people on zero-hour contracts.

In his speech to the TUC Congress, Ed Miliband said that Labour would make fundamentally different choices to this Tory-led Government. Labour would offer a compulsory jobs guarantee for young people paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses, secure more apprenticeships, create a British Investment Bank to get money to small businesses, and build more homes.

And Labour would take action to stop the abuse of workers who are on zero-hour contracts – banning those which require workers to work exclusively for one business, or which place them on call all day without any guarantee of work.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“Ed Miliband has set out how a Labour Government would create an economy that works for all working people. This is in stark contrast to David Cameron, who only stands up for a few at the top of society.

“Only this week, we’ve heard the Tories congratulate themselves on having fixed the economy. But people know that things are getting harder not easier, except for people at the top. The cost of living is still going up, prices are rising faster than wages and it’s hard to make ends meet.

“If you’re going to govern, you have to do it for the whole country, not just a wealthy few. Labour’s priority will be the hard working families in communities like ours who need a government that’s on their side. That’s what Ed Miliband means when he says that the next Labour Government will be a One Nation Labour Government.”

Andrew Gwynne  MP also welcomed Ed Miliband’s comments in his speech on the reform of Labour’s relationship with the trade unions.

“David Cameron holds working people as members of trade unions in contempt. He writes off whole sections of our society. Ed Miliband isn’t prepared to do the same.

“We have 3 million working men and women affiliated to our party, but the vast majority of them play no role and their voices aren’t heard. Ed wants to make every member a real part of our party – and I support him. We could become a real movement, not of 200,000 people but of 500,000, or more.

“Here in our area, that means more working people having a say and telling the Labour Party – and me as their MP – what they want from their government. That’s a prize worth fighting for – and it’s how we’ll build a movement that’s rooted in every community.”


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