Ed_Miliband 2At the Labour Party conference today, Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband outlined the positive policies that would be implemented under a future Labour Government.

One of the main policy announcements was for gas and electricity prices will be frozen for homes and businesses for 20 months after the 2015 general election should Labour regain power. The move would save the typical household £120 and an average business £1,800 between May 2015 and January 2017.

The Tory and LibDem coalition government have allowed energy prices to spiral out of control, with the average family’s energy bill rising by almost £300 since 2010. It is now the second largest cost that families face. A report by consumer group Which? Has estimated that flaws in the energy market have left consumers paying £3.9 billion a year over the odds.

Mr Miliband also outlined how Labour will create a “truly integrated” NHS that would stop treating mental health as an “afterthought” and help the elderly to get the social care they need. He also pledged action to build start building 200,000 homes a year by tackling property developers that “sit on land”, giving local authorities power to expand and identifying new towns.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“This speech by the Labour leader set out many of the common sense policies that people in Tameside and Stockport have been crying out for. It shows that the Labour Party is in touch with the concerns of hardworking families. We need to get a grip on ever more expensive energy prices, which have increased on average by almost £300 since the Coalition came to office.”

“We also need to start building more homes to meet the growing housing shortage, something that Labour is fully signed up to. We need a future government that fights for ordinary people, Britain can do better than this.”

In his speech Ed Miliband also confirmed that a Labour government would look at ways of strengthening the minimum wage, stopping a “race to the bottom” on pay and jobs.


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