COLIN WHITE – Statement from the Labour Party

We'reAudenshawLetter issued to the local media:

I read with interest articles in the Tameside Advertiser and Tameside Reporter (Thursday 26 September 2013) which refer to the defection of Councillor Colin White.

After reading the article, readers will no doubt realise that the Denton & Reddish Constituency Labour Party (CLP) have been required to deal with some very difficult matters relative to Cllr Colin White for some time now.

Whilst the CLP had not arrived at the point of deciding that Councillor Colin White should be referred to the Labour Party national disciplinary body, it was becoming increasingly apparent that that was becoming inevitable due to his ongoing actions and behaviour.

The CLP is relieved that this difficult and exhaustive process is not now necessary due to the decision of Councillor Colin White to defect to the Conservative Party.

I am astounded to see such a shift in Councillor Colin White’s beliefs and principles, as stated in the article, and wonder what the residents of Audenshaw will make of that.  Councillor Colin White was last elected in 2010 as a Labour Councillor for Audenshaw promoting the Labour Party’s  policies and principles. Does he now intend to stand for election in Audenshaw in the 2014 local elections promoting the Conservative Party’s policies?  I think the electors of Audenshaw will see through that shallow shift.

Denton & Reddish CLP thank the Tameside Tories for taking Councillor Colin White off our hands.

Brenda Warrington, Chair, Denton & Reddish Constituency Labour Party

Letter issued to all Labour Party members:
ColinWhite - Members Statement copy

Link to previous Manchester Evening News article – (14th  December 2012):

“I’m sorry says banned Audenshaw Labour Councillor Colin White”


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